Sunday, August 23, 2009

Voting Rights to ex-felons?

Time for some ramblings.... Just browsing some legislation that has been introduced and came across H.R. 59- Ex-Offenders Voting Rights Act of 2009, introduced by none other than the infamous Sheila Jackson Lee with co-sponsors William Clay, Danny Davis, and Alcee Hastings.

Basically requires a correctional officer inform a convicted felon within 30 days after release from jail. I guess the democrats are looking for new voters. I thought if a person was a convicted felon they lost all rights. But as it is, they get their gyms, healthcare, cable, phone, computer and education all at the taxpayers expense most likely after we pay for their attorneys and court costs to put them behind bars. Additionally, this bill grants the Federal Gov't authority over the states. It specifically prohibits "a state from enacting any state law that affords the right to vote in any election for federal office on terms less restrictive than those terms established by this Act". There goes yet another states' rights issue. Currently, the bill is in House Committee on the Judiciary. Members of this committee include Rep. John Conyers, Rep Lamar Smith, Rep Tammy Baldwin, Rep Howard Berman.

There are 435 house seats up for re-election in 2010. We need to clean house so to speak. There are at least 34 Senate seats. Additionally, Joe Biden's senate seat up for grab since the appointed Senator to fill in for him is not running.

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