Tuesday, September 14, 2010

UN Agenda 21 coming?

A little known bill is came out of the Senate Banking committee of which Sen. Chris Dodd, Sen. Chuckie Schumer are members, the Bill titled The Livable Communities Act, S.1619 is a total power grab and an effort to control people based on supposed environmental responsibility and concentration of people into smaller areas. Please Read the bill (it is not the 2500 page monster health bill) and contact your representatives ASAP. They have this on a FAST TRACK.

Of note, of which I do not like saying is that George H Bush signed onto the UN Resolution version, Agenda 21. Very upsetting.


One of the current debates taking place is the issue of taxes. Extending the Bush tax cuts would be beneficial to everyone, poor, wealthy and in between. Likewise, if they are not extended they will effect everyone, wealthy and poor alike. The cycle of the tax dollar begins when goods or services are produced by a business. A business is in business to provide services or goods for a profit.... CAPITALISM. A business needs workers to produce goods or services for which they are paid, Income. The company and employees are TAXED by govts. These workers spend their income for goods and services creating need for more workers etc... thus more taxes expanding the tax base. Some people state that only middle and lower class should retain the Bush tax cuts and businesses shouldnt get the tax cuts because "they can afford it". Well excuse me, who makes those jobs so there are even middle and lower classes? Why would it be right for anyone to determine how much money a business can retain for themselves after taxes?? The business owners risk a lot and sometimes everything! What do employees risk?? Have they mortgaged their houses to pay the wages and benefits of employees? I dont think so. So lets apply their thinking to themselves.... If they go to work for a business, everyone should make the same regardless of how much harder they work than someone else.

A flat tax would be a better option or a national sales tax IN PLACE of what we have today, not in addition to. This would be "FAIR" but then everyone would pay and the brainwashed, dumbed down idiots would not like that. What they are attempting to do is to effectively eliminate the middle class thus giving power and money to all govts.

Enuf said, this is definitely rambling. My apologies,It has been too long since Ive written on my blog.