Monday, July 13, 2009


While noodling the numbers of wanna-be's socialists and socialists, I was doing some research and came across some amazing information. Actual names of people in the Progressive Caucus, a self-proclaimed organization of members of congress, yes the congress of the United States of America, and I would say most of them are of course Democrats. Pelosi, Sherrod Brown to name a couple.

I never could understand why anyone who loves this country with our hard fought beginnings, the blood of many soldiers who defended this country would be a socialist. I just cant wrap my head around that. And the worst of all, these people claim to be members of a socialist party
ie: the Progressive Caucus, so they can not feign ignorance.

In 2005 they drew up a document called, The Progressive Promise which lists freely their agenda, freely and openly. While reading it, I realized, this is happening right now, and they are marching forward with their agenda. Please take time to read this by clicking on the associated link. It will blow your mind. Print a couple and pass them on to your friends who think
progressives are just democrats. They ARE NOT! They are socialist on a mission of remaking America (Where have we heard that before?)

Be sure to follow link below to discover the networks...and pay particular attention to paragraph 5!!

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What a bunch of comies