Sunday, June 21, 2009


In the news today, It is interesting to note Rep. Michele Bachmann refuses to answer all questions on census. She states she is only required by law to answer how many people are in the household. However, a spokesman from the US census states Rep. Bachmann is misreading the law. The US census bureau did not point to one point of the law specifically except to try and intimidate with the threat of $5,000 fine. Please explain in detail, don't threaten. I think they are the misguided ones.
For some interesting facts/history on the census

and then make up your mind. Do you answer or not? I'm thinking, if we answer or not, the ACORN nuts will make up answers or once they are done with the census they will twist and turn it to make it be WHAT THEY WANT. How could we the people prove they deliberately adjusted and readjusted numbers for their gain?

I believe ACORN involvement is highly likely, aren't they already involved in everything now? I am wondering how far and wide their tentacles go in our government already besides Obama. The people of this country need to unite and organize against the misuse of powers by this administration. I am afraid if we don't, we will become one big happy socialist ACORN nation.

Your thoughts?


Anonymous said...

Acorn needs to be dismantled

Anonymous said...

I think what they are doing borders on being able to be tried under the racketeering laws